Austin Spartan Sprint 2017

Here goes a funny story.  3 years ago, a workout buddy of mine asked me to do a Spartan Race.  Up until then, I’ve ran, well, more liked jogged a couple of 5K’s and did one of those inflatable bubble runs.  I, of course, said sure!  When I got there, wow, the surprise.  What do you mean mud?  Walls?  Barbed wires?  Wait, mud!  And did I ever mention I have a fear of heights?  Well, I couldn’t possibly punk out at the race, besides, they were my ride.  Fast forward a few years later, I’m a seasoned Spartan Racer.  No, I don’t race for time or feel the need to do endless burpees.  I enjoy the race because of the team.  We usually go out with about a team of 30 from our gym, of all different age and fitness levels.  It’s about a 4-5 mile course with 20 or so obstacles.  We rally.  We help each other.  We share our burpees.  And we have a fantastic time drinking that beer together at the end.  That’s what the Spartan Race is about for me.  Why do you race?