What a fun event this was!  The BBQ was great and I got to meet the chef and he taught me how to make Tennessee BBQ pork!  Funniest thing he said was, “Why eat a lean brisket?  Just go take a walk after!”  Gotta love that!  I never order a lean cut myself.

I’ve spent a lot of time on campus this last month. As a Longhorn married to another Longhorn, it is truly one of my favorite place to photograph. Bleed orange! I know every corner on this 40 acres. I get nostalgic walking through the hallways of those old buildings, yet amazed at all the new expansions going up everywhere. But more than that, I enjoy the time I get to spend with the graduating seniors. I get to hear about their experiences at UT, what they have planned after graduation, and sometimes I get to meet the moms and we have great conversations about parenthood.

Congrats to all the Class of 2017. Thank you all for letting me be part of your life at UT. I hope I’m sending you off with some great memories of this beautiful campus. Hook’em Horns!!