Meet Kathie

Hi! I’m Kathie. Thanks for stopping by and I’m excited you are here.

I started my photography business about 10 years ago. I was the paparazzi at my kiddo’s playdates and birthday parties. With the encouragement of some great mommy friends, I bought a real camera and just started snapping away.

Picking a photographer is a very personal thing. I’ve gotten to know a lot of my clients over the years and developed great friendships. So here, you will not only find blogs of my work, but my hobbies and adventures too!

Here are some general 4-1-1 on me.
I grew up in Houston. My husband and I are high school sweethearts and both graduated from the University of Texas at Austin. We love ATX. It’s friendly. It’s active. It’s fun. It’s got character.
My son is the most precious thing to me. I really had to grow up when I became a mom. He’s now in Middle School, smiles nonstop, and fun to be around. I’d say I’ve done a pretty good job so far.

I’m a bit of a fitness addict. I keep a regular early morning routine at the gym. I love to lift, but also strive to be a better all-around athlete. This is the fittest I’ve ever been at age 44 and it feels pretty awesome.
My favorite movie is When Harry Met Sally. My favorite band is Coldplay. I love me some chocolate cake donuts and fried chicken. Drink of choice is tequila and soda. And I like to spend my Saturdays in the Fall at DKR watching Texas Football.

Though most of my friends would describe me as “fun”. I personally think I’m more “funny”.
Well, take a look around, check out the portfolio, and browse through the blog. I sure hope you find something you like.